Unicycling Tutorial

This page explains how i have learned to ride an unicycle. I publish it because it gives details that i didnt found in other tutorials. It is the text i would like to have read before learning it the hard way :). It intends to complete the others, so you should read some before. It may help a reader who has a balance as twisted as mine.

4 stages in the learning process

I see 4 stages in the learning process. i followed them in order.
  1. To get the proper body position.
    The back must be straight and aligned with the fork. I find it important because it helps when you want to turn. Your head must be straight too, look at the horizon not at the wheel.
  2. To get the forward/backward balance.
    Pedal once forward, then once backward. keep doing it until you are confortable.
  3. To pedal smoothly.
    On a bicycle, most people just push on the front leg toward the ground and got a 'hole' when the pedals are perdendicular to the ground. It isn't reasonable on a unicycle, it would make your ride very chaotic and you would probably lose your balance and fall. The trick is to keep contants pressure on the pedals, so dont completly release the back leg. When the pedals are perpendicular, push backward with the bottom foot, and forward with the top one. To move the ankles according to the direction of the thrust help a lot.
  4. To get the left/right balance.
    This one is harder because you need to leave the support you may used for the previous stages. When you loose the left/right balance, use your arms to correct it. If it isn't enough, turn toward the direction you fall (btw to turn use your hips not your shoulders).

Random advices